M6 LLC is a national field servicing company that has a primary focus of Property Preservation on foreclosed homes to include Full Rehabilitation, insurance claims, and hazard remediation.


With over 50 yrs combined experience in distressed home remodeling, we moved into the property preservation side of it over 5 years ago and now have coverage in over 20 states providing support and the best assistance to clients and vendors through our highly trained network of staff, contractors and 3rd party vendors.


M6 works under current FHA/FNMA/VA investor guidelines, with a deep understanding of industry regulations thus allowing us to provide the quality work, pricing and communication to both clients and our field network.


All Pricing is based on the Repairbase cost estimator and all field personnel are Aspen Approved at the highest Level.

Over 100 years of field experience.

More than 15 years in the industry.

We do work for over 30 banks and national field service companies.

Over 50,000 work orders a year.

Over 80% of field work is completed and submitted within 72 hours.

We use the latest technology on our services.

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